Zach Varner: Featured Skater- August 2011

Zach Varner


My names Zack Varner im from Mendota Heights Minnesota. Im 18 years young and I will be attending Winona State University This fall 2011. Skateboarding is The $h!t.



Q. Who is your favorite pro?

“I would have to say…… Torey Pudwill =P”

Q. Favorite sk8 spot.

“Mendota Heights Skatepark.”

Q. What’s your opinion on rollerbladers?

“If you enjoy doing it all the power to ya!”

Q. What’s your favorite trick to throw down?


Q. If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?

“Able to Fly”

Q. Describe why you like to skateboard.

“It gives me a good feeling because it makes me stand out and its not like organized sports. There is a lot of freedom involved as well as creativity.”

Q. How would you describe your skating style.

“Relaxed but serious”

Q. If you could travel to anyplace in the world to skate, where would it be and why?

“Spain, because of the culture and knowing how to speak spanish.”

Q. What’s the last music track you listened to?

“”No Hands” by Waka Flocka”

Q. If you were a famous rap star, what would your name be?

“Bingo Beats”

Q. What’s your favorite resturant to get your grub on?

“Teresa’s Mexican Restaurant../ gives me gas”

Q. Describe your worst slam.

“I tried Hardfliping off a ledge while clearing a Rock Gap onto a sheet of plywood.. as a result it fell and scrapped some flesh off my wrist near a major vein.”

Q. Any shout outs you would like to include?

I give a shout out to my Friends and Family who have done a big part in supporting my Skateboarding. and of course a huge shout out to my Boi Justin Erickson for being a huge influence on me.

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