Yoshi Beardall: Featured Skater- May 2012


“My name is Yoshi, I love skateboarding, living life and cruising with the homies. Born and raised in Minneapolis and love keeping it local.”

Q. How long have you been skating?

“Since I really can remember, probably six or seven.”

Q. What intrests you most about skateboarding?

“The lifestyle, the rush of just stepping on and cruising with all the homies.”

Q. Favorite trick to land?

“Tre flip, for sure. Favorite warm up trick.”

Q. Favorite skate spot in town?

“The Rec in Saint Louis, close to school so always shredding with the homies.”

Q. What was the last movie you watched and how was it?

“Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Jeff Spicoli is the man!”

Q. What other skaters inspire you?

“Local rippers always get me hyped: Antwaun Dixon, Neen Williams, Bryan Herman, Reynolds, SHAKE JUNT crew is hype.”

Q. Favorite place to grab eats around town?

“Mesa Pizza. Always down for a slice of steak and fries pizza and a root beer.”

Q. 3 words to describe your skating style.

“Ride Or Die”

Q. What music gets you pumped up to go skate?

“A$ap Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Odd Future, Ryhmesayers Ent.”

Q. Any last shout outs?

“Shoutout to all the homies that keep me hyped, and a big shoutout to OBSOLETE for giving me skater of the month!

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