William Taylor: Featured Skater- June 2011

William Taylor

My name is William Taylor I go to Fair Downtown and I live in Robbinsdale, MN. I usually skate at Crystal Skatepark. And I love skating, I skate every day. I don’t skate because I want to be famous, I skate because It’s fun and I want to skate for the rest of my life.

Q. What skateboarders inspire you?

“Phillip Taylor, and just anybody I usually skate with.”

Q. Favorite sk8 spot?

“Undercover 5 (downtown MN).”

Q. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

“Save it for a rainy day.”

Q. What’s your favorate trick to throw down?

“Tre Flip.”

Q. If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?

“The ability to never get hurt when I fall skating haha.”

Q. Describe why you like to skateboard.

“It’s a good stress reliever and it’s really fun.”

Q. How would you describe your skate style?

“I dont really know.”

Q. What is the meaning of life?

“Living long and being happy.”

Q. What music motivates you to skate harder?

“Any song by Jay-z.”

Q. Favorite skate shoes.

“Adio and Etnies.”

Q. Describe your worst slam.

“I was about to run into the bank at Crystal Skate park about a year ago and right when I stepped forword and missed the board and fell all the way to the bottom landing on my shoulder. It hurt so bad that I had to keep my arm still cause it hurt really bad when I moved my right arm.”

Q. Any shout outs you’d like to include?

“Yeah, I would like to shout out to my older brother(Phillip), Ali Everett, Peter Jones,Isaac Jordahl, my mom, my sister, and anybody else I skate with.”


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