Triggy: Featured Musician- July 2012

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Ceiran “Triggy”, 21 years old and from London, England, Pushes a range of electronic genres but mainly Dubstep. Having spent the first few years following the scene and developing his production skills he has followed the evolution of the genre very closely and has quickly developed a distinct deep, dark and minimal sound noticeable to many. Triggy also runs a monthly podcast entitled ‘The Labyrinth Series’ distributed by the widely known ‘Night Tracks’ blog site, which pushes forward what he feels to be defining music within the scene, packed with dubs and exclusives, as well as the latest releases and his own productions, The series has been an incredible addition to the blog. With an array of releases under his belt from labels such as Fent Plates, Dubstep Division, Cosmology and Dubstrict Records and many more planned, Expect to be seeing, hearing and feeling, A lot more from Triggy in 2012.

Q. Describe your music.

“It’s deep, it’s dark, it’s evolving, A harshness to the sounds which arnt always pleasant and thats how it’s meant to be, I don’t make pretty little songs or a dancefloor bangers, I make tracks that try and make you feel uncomfortable. The best way to describe it would be a daydream, It’s meant to take you somewhere were you don’t want to be. But that’s what you love about it. Its horror music.”

Q. What motivates you to make ‘darker’ music?

“The emotion and depth of the minor scales, I’ve always felt that darker music is a lot more powerful than happy shit, Its more destructive, it leaves more of an impact on you. Screw happy tracks, Not for me, I’ve tried, I reckon it’s physically impossible for me to write something happy or uplifting.”

Q. Do you feel as though the dubstep from London is different or the same as US dubstep?

“Yeah I do, I think America caught onto it, Toke there spin on it and created something new, I don’t really get into the whole ‘America killed dubstep’ or ‘Circus records and Rottun Killed dubstep’ hype, Its just artists and people taking it in a new direction. Its something to be proud of, I reckon London still pushes the deeper sound rather than the more high pitched sound unlike america but that’s what makes dubstep more interesting, You can do a lot with it so why not? To me, London Dubstep is dark, dirty, cramped room, no air, no room to breath, compact and a massive sub belting your chest. Where as i picture the US’s dubstep to be, a huge room, lots of people, moshing out to the biggest drop, with glow sticks. However, Check out Basic.A, of of my favorite producers, and he’s in america. Eddie K, one of my favorite hype producers, and he’s from england, its not really the place, its the people, and what they personally like. Its just different style, Its a different take on the same thing.”

Q. For people who may be traveling to London, where is a good venue to hear local music?

In all honesty, I don’t go to many gigs/venues haha. My favorite would have to be Cable though, good set up. Good atmosphere, cheap entry, cheap drinks and room 2 is the one, They quite often have a great line up aswell.

Q. Who are your inspirations? Any other artists you look up to?

“I dont really take much inspiration from other artists, but a lot of inspiration has come from people I know, or know of, as well as life experiences, As you can imagine, Im often quite pissed off with that person haha. A lot of things inspire me though, its often a combination of things that lead me to a final finished track. As for artists I look up to, I look up to all who are doing what they love, Music is a major factor in my life and I do it because I love to do it, As long as artists are doing it because its there passion and they stick to what they love instead of selling out to make a bit of cash then I respect them. If I am to name certain producers however then I’d have to give Legend4ry, Code Zero, Percept, Scalade, DCult & Compa a mention, there all making big movements!”

Q. How’d you first get into the dubstep genre?

“All about Caspa-Rubber Chicken, A few of my mates were always ranting about it but I never gave it any thought as I was so into rock, garage & electro at the time, I sat down with a mate in the college studios and he played me Rubber Chicken and it blew me away, So much rawness in the sub, It was unique, I went on from there and haven’t looked back. “

Q. Any current projects we should know about?

“I’ve got a fair few on the go at the moment which Im having some real fun with, Im currently back in the studio with Rofh to work on a song for his upcoming EP which will feature a vocalist this time round, As well as a live violinist on one of my own productions and a collab with Code Zero which is coming along quite nicely. You can also expect a lot of solo stuff from me as well, im firing threw a lot at a great pace at the moment, You’ll be able to hear a lot in my next Labyrinth mix which will feature exclusively my own tracks so watch out for that one.”

Q. Best show you’d ever played and why?

“I still haven’t got into the DJying scene properly but hopefully this summer I’ll be hitting a load of venues around London as I’ve finally got everything I need to pick up the skills, From the few small shows I have done, Wednesd4ry stands highly above everything else, A weekly radio show which is totally worth locking into, bit of spam here 😛 Always great vibes and I should be having a lot of appearances there soon so keep an eye.”

Q. Favorite pass time, excluding music?

“Sleeping, No doubt. Sleep, Music & Work, dont get no time for anything else hah.”

Q. Final shout outs!

“I’d like to give a shout out to (As always) Deanna for the constant support, Charlie Malloy at Dubstrict, Gareth Thomas at Night Tracks, My dad for supplying the best artwork, Za Seizure at Fent Plates, Jeremey at Innamind,Wil Benton at FatKidOnFire, Marlow at Grind, RedJ, Korrupt Code Zero, Scalade, Rofh, PBMR, Percept, and every other artist who’s following my work, playing out my tracks and making my hobby all that more intresting.”

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