Travis Branaman: Featured Artist- April 2011

© Travis Branaman.

Q. 5 words that best describe your artwork.

“Understandable, detailed, funny, thoughtful, weird.”

Q. Influences/ Inspiration (friends, family, other artists)

“My biggest influences over the years have probably been Salvador Dali, my best friend Holland Deyo, a local artist named Missile who got me into live painting with black lights, and lastly every artist in juxtapose magazine.”

Q. What concerts have you been to lately?

“Lately, i just saw three nights of String Cheese Incident in Colorado, Amazing! Then we went and saw EOTO in Crested Butte. I just say Zack Combs CD release with Wide Eyes and others at the cabooze too. I’ve seen probably over 400 concerts over the last three years, I’ve been busy.”

Q. Favorite restaurant?

“I love breakfast, and I’d have to say that sunny side up serves the best in the cities that I’ve tried. For dinner, Id have to say True Thai, and for pizza, I’d have to say Mesa.”

Q. If you could make one famous person disappear, who and why?

“I would make the pope disappear, it would totally fuck with people. They wouldn’t know if it was a miracle, or a curse. :)”

Q. If you were an animal, which would you be and why?

“Its kind of a tie with me, I’d like to be tiger cause I’ve always liked them since i was a kid, but to be able to soar like an eagle would be insane too, so i guess I’d have to have the best of both worlds and be a phoenix. “

Q. Can you feel the love tonight? Can you?

“Oh ya. You can call me simba.”

Q. Any up coming events or projects we should know about?

“I’ll be releasing a weed strain logo poster at the Hideaway on 4/20. Come check it out!”

Q. If you could take any person in history to Red Lobster for dinner, who would it be and why?

“I guess I’d really like to have a conversation with George Carlin over some lobster tails…”

Q. If you had to pick just ONE; rich or happy?

“Duh, happily rich. 🙂 Na, just happy, being rich is unsatisfying. I’ve had a large sum of money before, and everyone just wants some of it. You can really count on people when your poor, when only friendship to gain and there’s nothing to gain monetarily from you. “

Q. What is the best piece of advice you have or been given?

“All’s well that ends well. And there’s no such thing as right and wrong, only relative points of perspective on a situation.”

Q. What do you love most about being an artist?

“I get to love my work. Work doesn’t even seem like work anymore, is more like I get to go play. I’m my own boss, I make my own rules, and I call the shots. its very liberating. “

Q. Any last words?

“The end is near….Lets Party!!!”

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