TJ Peters: Featured Skater- February 2012


“Born in Minnesota, 1990. Born with a club foot, not knowing that It could hold me back from skating, but my parents decided not to tell me till i was 18, knowing if I had found out sooner i would have never tried as hard as I did, most doctors said I would never have any real foot eye coordination, or play sports, and now every doctor that finds out have a club foot, is amazed at the things ive accomplished with skateboarding.”


Q. What inspired you to start skateboarding?

“I was inspired by my nieghbor to skate, and I loved that there was no practices, or coaches, I could go anytime I want, and I could go off by myself if I wanted to clear my head.”

Q. Best Skate spot in town?

“Best skate spot is Jo-Ann Fabrics in apple valley, i love manuals and thats just an amazing spot to learn any manual you can imagine.”

Q. Craziest moment while skateboarding that has happened to you?

“Craziest moment would have to be my first kickflip. There is no other feeling than that, i can even remember the board i had, where i was, everyyyyyything.”

Q.Best concert you have been too lately?

“Best concert was watchin the Suburban Boys and Trouble Ent perform not to long ago, there makin moves and gonna be huuuuge soon, watch out!”

Q. Any shout outs you would like to include?

“Shout out to my Dad Randy Peters for using reverse psychology to keep me trying to prove him wrong, and to my Mom Sheryl Peters for coming up with tricks she saw Eric Koston do, so I should try it. Hahahaha. Scooter and Rob for going to skateparks all the time, and scooter ending up in the emergency room 75% of the time. Justin Erickson for hookin me on Obsolete, and helping advance our skills everytime we skate, All the OG skaters at the Teen Center for coming up with crazy set ups, and everyone else whos supported my skating, and been there since the begining.”

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