Sara Winger + Sarah Rose: Featured Boarders- March 2012



Q. What made you want to snowboard and how has snowboarding affected your life personally?

Sarah Rose: “I started snowboarding in 5th grade, when I heard a few of my other friends were going. Since then, I’ve made so many great friends with other boarders and made me

Sara Winger: “My dad, we use to ski together. Snowboarding has taken me on all sorts of roller coaster rides.. I’ve spent many summers at hood, doing contests and winning monaaay, filming and traveling around with friends, and traveled along on the signal tour bus two seasons ago. And this year helping market, plan and organize femme fatal an all female comp. And excited grow the contest next year!!”

Q. What is the best part about being a snowboarder?

Sarah Rose: “Looking forward to snow and knowing the winter is going to just as fun if not MORE fun than any other time of the year.”

Sara Winger: “Having an activity I can always par take in and meet new friends!”

Q. How do you feel about all the super high produced videos that are coming out and all the coverage snowboarding is getting due to things like the X games / Olympics.

Sarah Rose: “Props on creativity and elevating the sport with something that hasn’t been done before, but when it get’s down to it… it’s the actual talent of the riders that count. Not production value.”

Sara Winger: “Ohh I don’t know, it’s helping the snowboard industry grow!?…. As long as I’m not being asked if I know Shawn white and if I can back flip I don’t care!”

Q. Being a girl do you ever get a hard time or treated different when out snowboarding?

Sarah Rose: “Back in the day yes… that’s why I wore all guys gear, all black- to fit in more. Now, there are tons of amazing girls out and reppin’ hard. Bring on the girly colors because I can still ride hard with the rest of them.”

Sara Winger: “No there are SO many girls that ride really really well now.

Q. How do you feel about snow bunnies?

Sarah Rose: “Use to make me super upset… now, I think it’s great girls are getting out and trying, but I do poke fun when there are girls in skinny jeans, Abercrombie hoodies and make-up fully done out, just sitting on the slopes. Put on a jacket, get warm, and don’t complain your make up is running.”

Sara Winger: “haha, silly question.. As long as they are having fun I guess.”

Q.  Where is your favorite snowboard spot?

Sarah Rose: “Local; Hyland Hills when there aren’t a thousand 10 year olds out and huge divits.”

Sara Winger:  “Local; Hyland hills. Resort; Squaw Valley”

Q. If you were boarding some back country and you came across a Yeti would you A. Leave it be. B.Take a picture and make friends. C.Shoot and kill it for proof that you saw it then donate the corpse to science?

Sarah Rose: “D. Hug it.”

Sara Winger: “A: I’d go so fast down the hill .. Hope he is slow. Who knows what that beast could do!!”

Q. What is the worst slam you have ever taken and what went wrong?

Sarah Rose: “Got straight up wrecked off a 50 ft. kicker in a comp back in high school. Blew out my knee… felt like a torch was in my knee. Have always had problems since.”

Sara Winger: “Northstar at Tahoe: Caught my edge on a really small ride on rail, slammed my face on the rail aaand let’s just say a week later I was pealing my eye lashes away from my swollen eye.”

Q. If you could snowboard for one day with any pro in the world who would it be and where would you go?

Sarah Rose: “Simon Chamberlain… and to any resport out west is cool. Never been. Always wanted to go.”

Sara Winger: “Hmm I’d choose my friends, and I’d like to go to somewhere foreign!”

Q. Do you consider snowboarding to be an art form or sport or both?

Sarah Rose: “The physical act of snowboarding is truly a sport but on the other end- the design and marketing- totally an art form as well.”

Sara Winger: “A sport I guess?”

Q. Any final words before you go?

Sarah Rose: “Thanks to everyone I have met/connected with through OBSOLETE, skateboarding, longboarding, and snowboarding. Everyone at local hills, Femme Fatale, local artist and musicians. You are the now. You are what’s happening and it’s great to be a part of it all.”

Sara Winger: “People rarely succeed unless they are enjoying what they are doing.”


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