Russell Evans: Featured Skater- April 2012


Q. Why did you start skateboarding?

“Saw all the neighborhood kids skating around, it looked cool. I had to get a skateboard after that.”

Q. Favorite trick to do that drives the ladies wild?

“Usually girls have no idea what’s going on, as long as you’re landing tricks, you should be in with the ladies. Nollie Heels are a good go-to.”

Q. Whats your favorite skate spot?

“Rogers Lake skatepark.”

Q. Is the world going to end in 2012?

“Sadly, no. We’re not getting off that easy.”

Q. If you could have one super power what would it be and would you be good or evil?

“God-like powers. I would be evil and good, depends.”

Q. What skateboarders influenced you?

“Ishod Wair. Any black dude who shreds.”

Q. How would you describe yourself using only 3 words?

“Piece of Shit.”

Q. If you only had a month to life what would you do?

“I’d rage so hard, probably would die within the first week.”

Q. What’s your favorite trick to throw down?

“On rails: back feebles. Flatground: Kickflips, basically any fliptrick”

Q. Any shout outs or anything else you would like us to know?

“All the homies i skate with. Evan Gillen for filming and putting up with my shit. and my Moms”


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