Phantom Tails: Featured Musician- July 2011

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Phantom Tails has existed for a couple of years, based in Minneapolis, MN. We all came here from different cities; Dave and Logan moved here from the ruggedlands of Wisconsin, Serge and Orion moved from the foamy seas of the Gulf of Mexico. We joined forces here in the midwest to play some gritty electronic rock music.

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Q. How would you describe your music?

“We typically describe our music as Deep Space Doom Funk.”

Q. Influences/ Inspiration (friends, family, other artists)

“60’s garage rock, 70’s german electronic, 80’s new wave, 90’s hip-hop. Our dog, Bodhi; Our van, Smoky Midnight; Our home Thugg Mansion.”

Q. Who is the best looking?

“Dave ‘the stallion’ Dorman is without doubt the teen heartthrob posterboy of the band. The best.”

Q. What really grinds your gears?

“No gravy on my biscuits and gravy. Barbecue with no sawce. Salad with no lettuce. Smoky Midnight’s vet bills.”

Q. If each of you had super powers what would they be and what would?

Dave: “unlimited burritos, for consumption.”

Logan: “The power to make it rain.”

Serge: “I have 3: 1- the ability to make the abrupt record-stopping scratch sound happen in awkward situations, at will. 2- the ability to conjur a random dude that appears momentarily and slaps the person who said something stupid after said record scratch 3- the ability to make a diamond gleam sparkle on my teeth accompanied by a ‘ding’ sound after said idiot is slapped.”

Orion: “I would have the ability to make Serge have 3 superpowers whenever he wants.”

Q. Where do babies come from??

“No rubbers.”

Q. What music influences you the most?

“The chimes of freedom.”

Q. If someone wrote a book about your band what would the title be?

“The Bible.”

Q. What was the best show you have played to date and why?

“When we opened for Destiny’s Child on the moon on the 4th of July.”

Q. Top five all time bands?

“David Bowie / Depeche Mode / Talking Heads / Kraftwerk / Mozart & His Egypt 70.”

Q. If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where and why?

“In the eye of a hurricane on the edge of an active volcano. Because…for to rock.”

Q. What do you love most about being a musician?

“People dancing to our creations.”

Q. Any last words or shout outs?

SHOUT OUTS: Rogue Citizen, Fort wilson Riot, We are Hex, Me & My Arrow, Thugg Mansion All-Stars, Spyder Baybee Raw Dawg & 2 % Muck, Book of Right On, UMAMI, Hastings 3000, G-Biz, The Great Confinement, Jeremy Catterton, Sam Thompson, and all our good friends and collaboraters in music, art, video, etc.

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