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Now, Now is a Minneapolis trio composed of Cacie Dalager (Vocals, Guitar), Jess Abbot (Vocals, Guitar), and Brad Hale (Drums, Synth). Recently featured in Rolling Stone and releasing their newest album on March 6th, Now, Now has come a long way and we simply cannot wait to hear what will be next. Local at it’s best.

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Q. How would you describe your music to listeners who haven’t heard you yet?

“The easiest way for us to describe it is probably sad pop. “

Q. What are some differences and similarities listeners can expect with your new album Threads? (coming out March 6th!)

“It is pretty consistent with our other releases but I think this album writing wise is a step forward for us. It’s less timid and a little bit darker than what we have previously written. “

Q. You guys have toured with/opened for some major bands in the recent past, what was the best experience you had?

“The craziest tour experience we’ve ever had was the Paramore tour a couple of years ago. Everything about that was kind of mind blowing. Some of our favorite shows were from that tour. We got to travel in a double decker tour bus with an Xbox. It felt like a weird dream or a joke. It was simultaneously the most fun and most stressful experience we’ve ever had. Another one of my favorite tours of all time was the Mansions/Slingshot Dakota tour we did last October. We decided to turn it into a Halloween tour and wore costumes every night. Christopher from Mansions rode with us in our van. I have never had that much fun on the road. There is no way that tour could have been any better. “

Q. Are there any advantages or disadvantages you’ve seen being a band from the Midwest and not a Coast Line?

“It’s less competitive maybe than LA or NYC. But I don’t think location matters that much. It’s just kind of a pain to get to the first show of a tour or to get home from the last show of tour. Because they generally start and end on a coast. But that’s the only real difference it makes for us. “

Q. When you’re preforming in your hometown, Minneapolis, where is your favorite venue?

“The Triple Rock Social Club is my favorite venue in the cities. If we are ever given the chance to pick where we are playing that is always our first choice. They also have really good food which is a plus. “

Q. Did you imagine Now, Now to get to this point in the blink of an eye?

“Since we started this project time has gone by really fast, but it hasn’t really felt like the blink of an eye. It feels like it’s taken forever to get to a stable point. And I honestly don’t feel like we are quite where we want to be yet. When we can afford to pay rent and not freak out about grocery money I think I will be 100% content haha. Although everything that has happened to us so far has been incredible. We are really lucky to be where we are. “

Q. While writing music, do you collaborate on stories or is it usually one band mates experience?

“It usually depends on the song, but usually one of us will have the main initial idea for the song that we work with. “

Q. Should we be scared the world will end in 2012? If so, do you have a bucket list?

“I go really back and forth about 2012. I am really torn. I saw Melancholia recently, so I’m going to prepare for the end of the world anyway. And if the world is going to end in 2012 I need to get to a live filming of SNL immediately. I’ve been wanting to go since I was seven. I have a few tattoos that I would really like to get that I’ve been wanting to get for years. I would also like to ride a horse. “

Q. What’s the best inspiration for writing new material?

“We all write about what we go through or what people close to us are going through. “

Q. How do you see Now, Now progressing in the next few years? Any new ventures you’re thinking about?

“Hopefully we will keep developing writing wise and learn how to create the kind of music we can be proud of. I want to keep moving forward and get better at playing and writing and keep touring. “

Q. Any shout outs you’d like to include? Or anything else you’d like your fans to know?

“Thank you to you guys. And I can’t wait for the record to finally be out!”

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