Nicole Bishopp: Featured Artist- Oct. 2011

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Nicole Bishopp was born and raised in Maryland. She has traveled and lived all over the U.S. Working in the drawing medium, she uses Sharpie marker to create the original design and then colors and re-draws some of the images digitally. Nicole currently resides in WA state. She is showing her work in several Exhibitions this year in Washington and Colorado. To learn more about this artist, you can follow her at

Q. 5 words that best describe your artwork.

“Mesmerizing, Bold, Unique, Hypnotizing, Original”

Q. Influences/ Inspiration (friends, family, other artists)

“I am influenced daily by simple encounters, my son, life. I also love to travel and take a million photos to revisit later for color inspiration and ideas. I am also lucky enough to have a huge community of artists and fans online that keep the wheels churning. “

Q. What are you currently working on?

“I am currently working on several commission pieces and getting my store up and ready to sell some art.”

Q. If you could pick any product to have your designs featured on, what would it be and why?

“Since snowboarding is a huge passion of mine, I envision my design(s) on snowboards. I think it would be amazing to see some kid doing a method grab or shredding on a custom Nicole B Original. Yeeeah!”

Q. Do you enjoy the smell of Sharpies while you draw or wish they smelled differently?

“LOL, well they don’t exactly smell delicious but I would have no problem if they came out with a black cherry flavored black marker. “

Q. What fictional tale would you most like to illustrate if given the opportunity?

“That would have to be my own tale of course. I already have characters for several other planets. They just haven’t hit the main stream yet.”

Q. What’s your favorite out to eat spot?

“There’s this little place in town called the Purple Lotus. They serve the BEST Pho noodle soup. I could eat there every day of the week!”

Q. Are there any current projects or plans coming up for your art?

“There are always plans and projects coming up since I’m busy by nature. However, they are in Lock Down, Secret Squirrel mode at the moment. “

Q. Besides art, what are three other hobbies of yours.

“Snowboarding, Photography, and Yoga”

Q. Where is the love…. The love…. The love”

“Ahh, the B.E.P. . the love is everywhere…. “

Q. Who is your favorite artist of the moment and why?

“Mark Rivard because he is real. By that I mean he is all about doing what you love in life (art) and knowing that you can be successful doing it. I totally agree with this philosophy.”

Q. What do you love most about being an artist?

“I love everything about being an artist. I am a person of change. The most amazing thing about art is you can create whatever you want, change it, re-do it 5 different ways and it’s ok. I have a free shrink, and by that I mean I have conversations with my paper and pen. Lastly, It’s rewarding to see my art make other people happy. “

Q. Any last words?

“Be happy doing what you love people! Life is too short… “

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