Local MN Artist Skate Decks… Coming Soon!

Coming This Fall

| Two Extremely Talented Minnesota Artists Draw Up One-Of-A-Kind Designs for OBSOLETE |

OBSOLETE continues to strive to support local artists- and we are showing them off to you all FIRST. These are the first two artist created graphics in hopefully a long line of them to come. We gave the artist’s creative freedom, just requesting a mid-west theme. Pre-orders will be available soon- they are currently in production. Expected by end of the month! Check back for more details…



Erica Williams

ericawilliamsillustration.com |

Erica Williams is an artist who lives and works in Minneapolis, MN. She is known for her attention to detail, macabre tendencies, and subtle romanticism with nature and lore. Being mostly self-taught she strives to incorporate elements of fine art and design into her illustrations. Most often she is influenced by art nouveau, traditional printing methods, street art, and typography. Recently Erica has been creating screen printed posters and apparel, letterpress prints, and work for group exhibitions.




Dan Levar

Born and raised in Duluth, MN, Danny moved down to the Twin Cities to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2007. From there, he became heavily influenced by pop culture, the urban demographic and hip hop. Check out his work below…















Thank you Erica & Dan, we are excited to showcase your skills!

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