Josh Tarte: Featured Artist- Nov. 2011

So my name is Josh Tarte I am 21 years old and I am from a town called Okoboji Iowa. It is a pretty small town in northern Iowa. Most people know about it because of the super old amusement park called Arnolds park, and it has really old lakes left over from the glaciers from the last ice age! There is a really awesome legend called the Spirit Lake Massacre that I always like to tell people. But basically as an answer to all the in the undeserved violence a group of natives led by the famous Inkpaduta marched through Okoboji and killed like 40 settlers. You can still find the cabins in the woods its pretty sweet I think it all took place in the 1800’s. I like to bust that story out at campfires!

Q. 5 words that best describe your artwork.

“Religion, Repetition, Symbolism, Apocalyptic, Lines!”

Q. Influences/ Inspiration (friends, family, other artists)

“Its hard to say specific influences because there is so much access to so much information and so many different artists that I feel like everything I see I draw influence from ya know. Like every artist no matter how good they are probably has a blog or a website these days. So I can be looking on some website of someone who is like into manga or photography, and they might be dope as shit but I won’t like remember the persons name because there are just so many people and so much new artwork to always look at. So really the only people that ever really stick out any more are the ones that companies promote. But I do have favorite artists that I really like. For example Mike Giant is a big one because of his black and white sharpie work. I’m also color blind so I identify with that basic color choice. So I like him a lot he’s sort of a map to show what is possible with that medium and even career choices. I remember being turned on to his stuff as early as like my sophomore year of high school. And so 6 years later im still learning from this dudes artwork. Hahaha”

Q. What are you currently working on?

“I do actual pieces every once in a while. But mostly I like to work on my sketch book and my technique of whatever it is im trying to draw. I really like doing faces and characters. If I come up with something I like I just keep practicing it till I remember it then its on to the next one haha.”

Q. If you had to pick a non-artistic career path, what would it be and why?

“I’ve thought about this a lot. I would be a slumlord! No joke as soon as I get some money. Im going to buy massive amounts of apartment buildings. Run that shit.”

Q. How do you feel about street art being covered up?


Q. Who would win in a fight, Paul Bunyan or a yeti?

“Yeti, but I would feel bad because the blue ox would be sad that Paul got whooped.. So I hope they don’t fight.”

Q. When you get in “the creative zone”, do you listen to music? Have the lights a certain way? Time of day? How does it go down for you?

“Ya usually it just comes in a wave and you get in that mode ya know. Anytime of day or night really. My favorite days off are constant netflix movies in the background and I can just take over massive amounts of sketch book pages. I feel like I am filling out a form on a dating website right now…”

Q. Do you have things for purchase in the MCAD Art Sale? If so, what? If not, who are some other’s awesome works to check out?

“No I don’t go to MCAD anymore unfortunately. But if I had to guess I would say there is going to be some AMAZING STUFF! But I would check out Phong Nyugen, Llew Mejia, Dan Levar, Eric Gorvin, Derick Ahlberg and Anthony Donatelle. All those guys have pretty dope work im not sure if they are selling stuff or not.. Sorry if you guys didn’t wanna be shouted out, but it happened!!! Peace”

Q. If you could pick any spot in the city to do some work, where would it be and what?

“Champs bar and grill. That place is hood as fuck and I think having a white kid in there drawing or painting would make for an epic night!”

Q. Do you favorite large scale or small scale?

“Small scale but I want to start pushing it to a larger scale……..hahaha”

Q. Who is your favorite artist of the moment?

“123 KLAN they are where I want to be in the future. Something about the crispness and just catchy characters get me going. And its just fun to look at!”

Q. What do you love most about yourself?

“The ups and downs that shit is crazy! And laughing.”

Q. Any last words?

“ERRRRRYYYYBODY .. Monte J>B, BIG ITALY, Manchester! Pat, Blake, Sleepy browns! JORDEEZY, ANGEL, HOLLIE , YASR , THEO , ART CELLAR, ERI RORIGUEZ! M>J>D, ICE PICK PAUL, CHANCE, THE FLOSS BROS. GUNDY!!!! T TRAIN, taco bell keep doing what you do.. Shout outs to all my family down south how you have a full recovery Chris! All the family in the Midwest. Last but not least DA MOM’s! .. Thanks obsolete! Hook me up with some freee swaaag na saaayinn!!! 3XL !! Haha peace! “

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