Jake Eidem: Featured Artist- May 2012

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My name is Jacob Charles Eidem, you can call me Artista Feo. I was born and raised in Crystal Minnesota and studied at the Minneapolis Collage of Art and Design. Today I am a Live Painter in Minneapolis and work in the collaborative group, Multiple Intelligence Single Cognition (MISC), formally known as the Cognition Kids.

Q. 3 words to describe your artwork?

“Primitive, Emblematic, Social.”


Q. Is there a certain message you try to convey with your work?

“Through the course of action and reaction, every single decision we make has the power to affect the entire world. We are all a part of the same entity (one love). I want to influence everyone in this shared space to make decisions for the community rather than for the self.”


Q. Do you favor a certain scale to your art?

“No, I don’t favor a specific scale. I work small when I want to whisper and I work large when I want to shout.”


Q. How do personal experiences/emotions influence your work?

“Well I am a product of my environment, and my work is a product of myself.”


Q. What’s your favorite thing about live painting?

“I love it all. Live painting is my favorite thing about live painting. The experience of painting in a sea of people, music, and energy. I especially enjoy when I the headliner is a musician that I have a strong connection to. Plus I get to meet some crazy people.”


Q. Any current projects you’re working on?

“Well recently, I have been working on designs for the band EOTO, a music video for Toffler with MISC, a collaborative mural with MISC at Rootnote Music in Eagan, and MISC will also be starting a collaborative mural at Clown Glass in June.”


Q. Describe your favorite work of art you have done?

“I just completed a painting I have been working on for the last three years. I’m calling it THE TOWER. It is a visual story about the clockwork and hierarchy of capitalism in present day society. It was a selective and timely process of tearing through stacks of magazines in search for the right symbols that fit the composition and scale of the painting like a puzzle. Then using collage and paint to peace it all together. For the next year, I plan to make a series of paintings that will further elaborate on The Tower.”


Q. What’s your favorite scary movie?

“The scariest movie I have ever watched is the documentary, The Corporation.”


Q. Favorite place to kick it in The Cities?

“My favorite place to kick it in Minneapolis is hands down the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.”


Q. Any shout outs?

“Alex-T.C. Dubstep, Matt-Pineal Palace, Justin-Subliminal, Ben, Meaghan, Mandi, Tyler, and Katie-MISC, Ghani, Crozby, Yossi, Mara, my dearest Maimuna, Family and Friends.”

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