Aimee Pijpers: Featured Artist- March 2012

Aimée has lived in Hong Kong, Belgium, Connecticut, and Minnesota. She graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design with a BFA in illustration. She lives and works in Minneapolis and is interested in every kind of illustration project imaginable. Thanks for looking!

©Aimee Pijpers
©Aimee Pijpers
©Aimee Pijpers
©Aimee Pijpers
©Aimee Pijpers
©Aimee Pijpers

Q. 5 Words That Best Describe Your Artwork?

   “Honest. Muted. Genuine. Patterned. Full”

©Aimee Pijpers

Q. Influences/Inspiration 

   “Music has always been a huge influence. I am always listening to music. Other influences include several fields of science, history, the people around me, & DIY. There are tons of artists I love. Just to name a few: Ed Templeton, Liz Prince, Gregory Blackstock, Sandy Kim, Mitch Clem, Charles Sheeler.”

©Aimee Pijpers

Q. Do you sketch daily?

   “Yes, it’s usually the best part of my day.”

©Aimee Pijpers

Q. Your illustration concepts are super create and unexpected, what sparks most of your thoughts?

   “I wouldn’t be able to tell you. It just happens randomly and naturally and if I think an idea’s alright, I’ll follow through with it. I take a lot of chances this way.”

©Aimee Pijpers
Q. Is there a certain message you try and communicate with your drawings, or are they more personal?
   “It definitely depends on what I’m doing. Some pieces get more personal, some don’t. I think it depends on whether or not I feel I can relate to the subject matter. But more often than not, my hearts poured into everything I make. “
Q. When not doing art, what else do you spend your time on?
“I love being outside, exploring, making comics & zines, taking photos, going to shows, watching movies and television series, listening to music…I have a lot of fleeting hobbies as well. The last one was trying to learn yo-yo tricks. Besides that though, I’m kind of a shut-in. I don’t go out that much. “
Q. By growing up in different parts of the world, do you think this has influenced your artwork?
“Absolutely. Not consciously anymore, though. I think about the places I’ve lived at all the time & tiny things I remember about them, so that’s definitely there.”
Q. What do you hope to be doing in 5 years?
“Not working at a shoe store & full time illustrating everything as much as I can.”
Q. Who would win in a fight and why? Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles vs. Link, from Zelda?
“Probably Link, because he has a sword and a hook shot and all sorts of fancy gadgets to get him through a perilous Hyrule. In all honesty though, I wouldn’t want them to fight. I like to think that they would go hang out at the TMNT headquarters and talk about their dumb enemies over a million pizza slices. “
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