DC Ice: Featured Artist- June 2016

New Deck Coming Summer 2016

Art is an outlet for me because it is a safe place to store honest feelings. Because of this my illustrative characters often carry grief. In other paintings, blessings and joy bleed out of the frame. I use soft pastel colors to mask the suspicious character’s twisted thoughts while harsh scratchy line quality outlines innocent animal friends.


1) Describe your artwork in 3 words?

“Tenderhearted. Snarly. Beasts.”

hound lung hotel

2) What are your main influences for your art?

“My life experiences dictate the direction of my illustrations. I, however, plug in animals into the equation. When I replace myself as an animal I can explore truer feelings without feeling like I’m giving away all of my personal secrets.”

are you white fanging me

3) Board sports and artists have shared a connection almost from the start, why do you think that is?

“I started snowboarding in the mid 90’s, but started painting alongside my mom at age 3 (no lie). I think the independence of the activities is key. You don’t need a team nor have to rely on anyone. How far you go is all on you in art, as it is in skateboarding or snowboarding. It’s personal in that regard.”

The Love of the Quarrelsome Conjoined

4) If you were not doing art, what would you be doing?

“Hmmm, I honestly have No idea. Maybe I would be an antique hunter of sorts… is that a thing?”

snow topped crow

5)  If you could travel to any time, where would you go and why?

“I am drawn to old black and white tv shows and movies. My husband and I watch the Perry Mason murder mysteries every night (unless it’s an episode we’ve seen, then we turn on Fallon). I adore flea market finds like vintage typewriters and old pencil drawings. I collect vintage jewelry and always sport vintage broaches on snowboard hoodies and I like wearing rhinestone clip earrings. So I suppose the 40s-early 60s is where I would be happiest.”


6) Favorite place to grab some grub in the Twin Cities?

“My favorite restaurant in the world is George and the Dragon on 50th in south Mpls. My paintings fill all of their wall space, but that’s not why I love them. Their food is amazing! The owners and staff are incredible humans, just the best. Order “The Katherine,” trust me.”


7) Favorite city Saint Paul or Minneapolis and why?

“SAINT PAUL! I attended a small art school in St. Paul and now live in the Schmidt Artist Lofts (the old Schmidt Brewery). The architecture is incredible so it’s easy to be creative in this beautiful space.”


8) You make a lot of different forest animals in your artwork. If you had to choose, which animal would represent you?

“I am a fox… My husband, Matthew, is a polar bear. My mom is a llama. I love this question and when I ask, “What kind of animal are you?” to strangers at art shows, I either get a strange look thrown back my way or they blurt out, “DOLPHIN”… or something along those lines.”


9) What’s your favorite music to listen to?

“I listen to The National, Johnny Cash, Cloud Cult, Chvrches, Ryan Adams, Brandi Carlile, Houndmouth, Iron and Wine, First Aid Kit, Bat for Lashes, Lumineers, Sinatra (well, the entire Rat Pack).”


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