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Banner Pilot is a band from Minneapolis, consisting of the following people: Nick Johnson, Nate Gangelhoff, Corey Ayd, and Dan Elston-Jones. We’ve been around for a few years and are signed to Fat Wreck Chords.


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Q. 3 words to describe your sound.

“Punk and also rock. Fuck, that’s four words. Not sure how to compress that. Sorry, this is too hard.”

Q. You just dropped your new album “Heart Beats Pacific”, what should listeners expect this time around?

“It’s more similar than different [from past albums], for sure. If you liked our last record, I think it’s safe to assume you’ll like this one too—there are differences, but it’s mostly subtle stuff. There shouldn’t be any, “Oh man, what are these idiots trying here?” moments when you give it a listen.”

Q. Since you’ve been signed to Fat Wreck Chords you’ve traveled all over. What was one of your most memorable shows and why?

“Groezrock, this huge festival in Belgium, was pretty great. We had just gotten to Europe, and simply getting over there was kind of a trip because a volcano erupted the week before and nearly canceled our flight. So to finally have made it over, and to be playing to a brand new audience, and for that audience to be hundreds of excited, wasted people (some of who were really into stage diving, and others who swayed around like they belonged in the movie Weekend at Bernies), was a total rush. “

Q. What would each of you be doing if you weren’t making music?

“I’d use the extra time to travel and write, I guess.”

Q. What’s your favorite venue to play here, in your home-town, Minneapolis?

“The 7th St Entry. Fun venue, good location, and the sound system is solid, too. And mostly, it’s the perfect sized venue for a band like us. “

Q. When not playing a show, where is your favorite place to chill out here in the Cities?

“Biking around northeast is fun in the spring/summer/fall. In the winter, pretty much any heated building seems to do the trick.”

Q. Craziest sh*t you’ve ever seen happen at one of your shows?

“A few people in the crowd formed a human pyramid in front of us at a show in the UK. “

Q. Heard the past 2 years you guys made it out to SXSW. How did SXSW differ from other tours you have done?

“It’s just WAY more massive than any other festival, and unlike the other tours/fests we play, our band is somewhat out of place, I think. I’ve had a blast both years, but there’s definitely a weird side to it. “

Q. What’s the best inspiration for writing new material?

“Listening to other music, and learning to play along to other peoples songs. It’s a good way to break some of your own songwriting habits or tendencies.”

Q. ow do you see Banner Pilot progressing in the next few years? Any new ventures you’re thinking about?

“I’d like to keep cranking out records and hopefully make it to more countries we haven’t been to before.”

Q. Any shout outs you’d like to include? Or anything else you’d like your fans to know?

“I’d like our fans to know that I’m going to give every one of them a shout out right….. NOW. “

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